• Are you building or reconstructing a home or an office? We will advise you on how to arrange the new interior; we can help both with interior design and with its realizatdion.

  • We will create a design with fixtures and fittings, their position in the interior, paint, materials, tiles and flooring, designer accessories for the apartment…

  • We will join you for shopping of furniture and accessories...

  • We will take care of complete realizatdion of the interior, interior turnkey reconstruction projects, we will be supervising the smooth progress of all works

  • Home staging

  • Whether you have just bought a new house or apartment, or you just feel like changing your current interior design, choosing a design that would make you feel good and cozy is not easy. There is an endless choice of different materials and colors on the market. Combining them correctly, so that the whole interior tunes, is not an easy task. Nevertheless, you are not alone in this – you can contact our studio T2 reality in Plzen.

What is Home Staging?

The core of Home Staging is modification of interior of a property in an impersonal style so that it seems as attractive as possible for as many as possible potential clients, who are interested in buying or renting it. The aim of this professional presentation is selling or renting a property in the shortest possible time and at the best possible price.

Home Staging is not a reconstruction of the interior; if the roof or the windows are in disrepair, Home Staging cannot help. Home Staging is not about home design – it’s exactly the opposite. The main purpose of this service is not modification of the interior for people who live in it, and thus according to their taste, but a "depersonalization", i.e. allowing a wide range of potential candidates to imagine the space in their own way.   

The adjustment itself is very individual. Therefore, the price is based on the overall condition of the interior, the consultant's recommendation and the client's budget. Nevertheless this is not spent money, but an investment!  For minimal cost, you can present your property in the best light and thus get the highest price. The final but essential part of Home Staging is professional photo-shooting of modified interior for presentation on the real estate market.